“Retired Old Motorcyclists Eating Out”

A place to discuss where to ride our motorcycles.

One thing that holds true with most motorcyclists is that they go somewhere to be able to ride more than riding to get somewhere.  It’s the enjoyment of the ride, being in the open while the landscape unfurls in front of us.  To this end a few years back a group started meeting at little restaurants in small towns across Kansas.  We gave ourselves a name, “The Romeos,” Retired Old Motorcyclists Eating Out, and gathered a few more riders into the flock.

Unlike most clubs we have no president, no dues, no real organization of any kind.  Also we do not meet up and ride in large groups – we each make our own way and meet at our destination.  We are as eclectic as the bikes we ride which range from 200cc motor scooters to large touring bikes and trikes, from antique to futuristic.  The common bond is we all love motorcycles and we all like to eat.


We do things rather simply — post an announcement in the forums for a town and restaurant, then we meet there for lunch.  Small towns are chosen because they are off the interstates, usually something of interest nearby, more often than not good home cooking, and it supports the local rural economies.  If you are traveling through Littletown, USA, and see a bunch of shiny steel steeds in front of the local diner, stop in and say hi, we love to talk about our rides.

One thing to note here is the web site is actually little more than a placeholder for the discussion forums, which is where the local rides are announced and all the general discussion takes place. Just click on “Discussion Forums” on the left to find out where to ride this week in your area!



To learn more about the Romeos you can read this article from a Kansas City local newspaper.

Romeo T-shirtIf you have a group of friends who like to ride regularly and generally fit our definition of Romeos write to me and I will give you your own forum to coordinate your rides – anywhere – for free.  Send me an email at “admin [at] romeoriders.com.”